Connecting the Realms of Technology.

Many new projects come to light every day, and companies often lack the experience and agility to ponder every detail. This can lead to the wrong problems being addressed, potentially harming the resulting product.

With that in mind, in 2017 the SeekSmarter IT company decided to leverage its 20 plus year experience on software developing and founded YGGY , a boutique develop- ment agency that offers panoptic solutions to connect the dots of the tech world.

YGGY first came to light as YGGY, a Research & Development platform that eventually evolved into a tech lab creates outstanding applications.

By combining AI and UX, we implement standout Apps, WebApps, DApps, protocols and perform security vulnerability tests audits. Natural born problem solvers came together to create solutions with the absolute focus on the user experience in a mix of pioneer innovation, quality, and flexibility, aiming towards a borderless global market.

A dynamic assemblage always up to date in the tech market trends, well versed in the digital media, development and blockchain universes.

As a boutique development agency YGGY researches, conceptualizes, designs, builds, tests and deploys solutions that set new standards in the user experience.

Broad development services in .NET, C#, JavaScript, JAVA, PHP, Python, C++, Delphi, Node.js, Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB at your reach by the most creative and experienced developers.

Fred Nogueira

Tech entrepreneur, technology addict (old and new), Telegram freak, information analyst, community manager, startup and ICO analyst and blockchain enthusiast.

Pedro Chen

Visionary entrepreneur, IT consultant, Developer Relations Specialist, Software and Security Advisory Expert. Passionate about information, security, the internet and user education.

Jorge Alcario

Software Engineer, independent thinking, problem solver. Involved in computing since 1982. Development polyglot.

Mike Lopes

A coder by nature, pioneer in Telecom software development and NoSQL databases. An expert in SQL, search algorithms and API design.